Do You Really Believe Jürgen Klinsmann with US Soccer Team will beat German?

US Soccer National team with coach Jürgen Klinsmann unfortunately pool in Group G with German in 2014 World Cup in Brazil. German is the original nationally of the US US Soccer National team head coach. I am not trying to say this is a Group of Death in 2014 World Cup. Every group must be “Group of Death”. No one team give a chance to others. No team is not best when they arrive in Brazil.

On papers seems US soccer national team is third or even a fourth team in this group G of Group of 2014 World Cup. But you must remember the Host is Brazil. They have heavy extreme hot for the Europe team. This 2014 World Cup tournament is not just about skill how to play soccer. But the more important thing is stamina. That is I agree if US National team in this Group G of 2014 World Cup is not underdog or even have less chance for knock out stage when we see on paper.

But, US Soccer national team will face Germany national team. I think this is must be different. Professional?

I think US Team have chance, more than a chance to beat German here. But if this is happen, you will never see Jürgen Klinsmann celebrating, because Jürgen Klinsmann will crying in his bed room. sure me not. But this is true, Will US team will prepare to a win strategy against the Germany? What you think guys…

Jürgen Klinsmann

Group G:
Germany – Third in 2010 and aims to build on positive vibe created by its dominant club teams.
Ghana – Knocked out the U.S. in 2010 before being heartbreakingly denied a semifinal spot.
United States – Regarded as the strongest team in its pot after topping CONCACAF group.
Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo single-handedly won a tense playoff but has yet to shine at World Cup.


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