FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 Winner Prediction

Early thought and early blunder. As the fans of football soccer, I should follow the information for the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014. Download the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 schedule and set as wallpapers. I also get the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 schedule in excel bracket prediction. This is almost near to kickoff of the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 in Brazil, so my first job is finishing the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 bracket prediction on my own. Before the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 kickoff date, I already have a new World champions in 2014.

So to day I want to share any thought in my mind before finishing the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 bracket prediction in my own laptop.

The first touch, i like English soccer, the spirit, fighting, long distance kick from outside the box just like I feel wow,, I do not know how to say more than wow… lol. In USA soccer national team you can see the fighting national team all together, I must give five star for this team.

As soccer fans, perhaps i really different from ordinary soccer fans who love to see how Spain, Brazil, Barcelona playing football. But i am not, that is why i prefer to watch English soccer than any other top league in the world. I want something different in soccer. not just playing like we have seen in training camp.. lol

So back to the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 bracket prediction thought.

The fist time FIFA announced officially that Brazil is the one country to host World Cup soccer 2014. With 12 host city that spread almost around the country make this FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 something special, tour, travel and more story,, adventures and more

After reading the online news in google, I thought, the FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 winner will be from America. Blue continent is nothing when play in hot climate against the host country, neighbor,, Africa,,

This is must be hard for Europe national team to make. In Africa 2010 was a surprise for me, I think the main reason Spain win this World Cup 2010 in that time, that there is no national team from south America or Africa do the job well. Brazil in that time I can call was unlucky moment. No player who can lead the team., as individual they still better than the Netherlands who beat them in semifinals.

Back here again. So for my first prediction I will give a best chance for South America national team. For me they are the host too against national team out side the continent. They have good home tradition.

Brazil I think will have the top favorite place, follow by Argentina, Uruguay. The Europe team could follow after that.

I think Spain, Germany, France is good. Belgium probably the black horse. For England soccer, i can’t they do something better than as a entertaining team only, despite i am the big fans of the England team, I have no good place for them in my FIFA Word Cup Soccer 2014 bracket prediction.

Germany With Portugal, Ghana, United States in the Group, I can’t see they have an easy job here. US is not easy, Ghana,, I think they are big favor in this group, but could suffer anytime, this is must be hard to predict with many x factor to consider.

to be countinue