Group F FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014 Prediction

In Group F FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014, the clear favorite, according to bookmakers, is Argentina, and should happen something extraordinary, to Argentina national soccer team does not come out of the group. For second place, likely will compete in Bosnia and Nigeria. Theoretically, this fight can put Iran, but the team could simply run out of players.

Note that after the group stage of the Argentine is not the most difficult schedule up to the semi-finals. The winner of Group F goes to second place of Group E (most likely, Switzerland and Ecuador), and in the quarter-finals, will most likely have to fight with someone from Belgium/Portugal.

Of course, on the South American continent is dreaming of the final Brazil vs Argentina, and I must say that the reason for this is. It’s safe to say that Argentina stellar attack of the World Cup. No other team in the presence of such a scattering of forwarder: Messi, Aguero, Lavezzi, Palacio, higuain, plus support from the middle of the field from Di Maria. Of course without reliable protection and tenacious with locomotive disabilities cannot do-Garay, Campagnaro, Dimikelis′, Mascherano, Enzo Perez. In General, the age and Argentina experienced, but the main thing is to create a team of individual players.

Bosnia and Herzegovina an absolute beginner. The Balkan team for several selections contested major football event, but only now successfully qualify. In Brazil, the team has to count on the passing group: strong defense, creative midfield and prolific striker Edin Dzeko. The only drawback is the lack of experience and discipline that can play with the “dragons”.

Iran will be incredibly difficult to rely on exit in the playoffs. Even coach Carlos Queiroz said that entering the World Cup already. The Persians the weakest part of the tournament, the players are mostly local Championship. Foreign players and those who advocate a strong European Championships. Is that the Dežagu of Ashkan which poured out of the Barclay EPL Fulham. Note that until the last round to maintain the chances of exit, the Iranians should be selected points in the first match with the Nigerians.

Nigeria has participated at the World Championships as defending champion. However, according to bookmakers, the chances of the team group is lower than that of Bosnia. Of course, that skepticism is a traditional African indiscipline and poor tactical awareness. But trump cards super eagles increased endurance and resistance to heat in Brazil.

Personnel losses: Coach Argentines Alejandro Sabela, invited all key players. Out the application there were only the second-third-tier players: defenders Otamendi and Koloččini, AC Banega and Jose Sosa, forward Ikardi.

The Bosnia trip veteran Elvir Rahimić. It should be noted that in the national team ahead of the WORLD CUP there was a conflict between Dzeko and coach Safetom Sušičem, and it is unknown how this will affect the performance of the team.

In Iran will not be experienced players Golamrezy Rezaei, Muhammad Reza Halatbari.

Preparation of Nigerians to the 2014 WORLD CUP was accompanied by constant scandals. According to rumors, even when the whole on the coach pressured officials of the local Soccer Federation. As a result, the final application was not till some of the major players-the IBA’s Victor Obinna, Bose and Brown Ideye.

Group F FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014 Prediction: first place-second place, Argentina-Bosnia.

Group F FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014 Odds:

on the way out of the Group: Argentina-1.03; Bosnia-1.80; Nigeria-2.37; Iran-7.00.

the winner of the Group: Argentina-1.17; Bosnia-8.00; Nigeria-11.00; Iran-51.00.


Trinidad and Tobago vs Iran International Friendly match

Trinidad and Tobago – Iran: for Trinidad and Tobago is the second international friendly match here and in both games, the team has prepared the players for the upcoming World Cup 2014. Both opponents were also from the same group, and while the team has played the first game against Argentina. Iran has played three friendlies and there were three draws. The opponents were quality mediocre and gate-poor games. These two teams have never met until now and this duel will be played on neutral ground in Sao Paolo. Trinidad and Tobago vs Iran schedule to Start: 08.06.2014 18:00 CET

Trinidad and Tobago

The national team of Trinidad and Tobago is preparing for the upcoming World Cup Group stage qualifying matches. First, the team in Argentina has played and there a solid resistance offered the hosts, but in the end lost it 0:3. Have lacked only a little, to withstand the entire first half without a Conceding, but then in the 45th minutes a conceded was collected from the standard. Also the second goal was pretty bizarre, while the third goals has been a classic counter-attack.

The opponent has not played but also with the strongest starting XI, but has up to this duel against Argentina lost almost a year long no game with Trinidad and Tobago. Last the team was defeated by Mexico during the quarter-finals of the Gold Cup in July 2013. This was followed by a series of international friendly games, where the player from Trinidad and Tobago have played twice draw and won three times. They have won twice in a row against Jamaica. The biggest star of this team is definitely striker k. Jones of Cardiff.

Trinidad and Tobago lineups: Williams – J.Hoyte, Mitchell, Marshall, Bateau – Boucaud, Hyland – J.Jones, Guerra – Peltier, K.Jones


The Iranians prepare for the 2014 World Cup and to choose very carefully the opponents for the international friendly matches because they want to break the atmosphere in the team with a possible defeat in any case. But they could still get up to now no victory. They have played against Belarus, Montenegro, Angola, and every time there was a tie, while they could score a goal against Angola. This confirms that this national team at the upcoming World Cup will be the absolute underdog. But for the Iranians the Championship is a huge success alone already and they have can be nothing to lose, which is why they also dangerous.

Iran National coach is Portuguese Quieroz. The shortcomings of his team are aware of him and that’s why he prefers mainly a closed variant, with which he will try to surprise the opponent also at the World Championships. Olympics preparation, he constantly changing the starting XI since he would obviously not yet known type which starting XI in the first World Cup duel against Nigeria will be running. Maybe he will send out the strongest starting XI now, so that he can come in the form of fact.

Iran lineups: Davari – Heydari, Hosseini, Montazeri, Pooladi – Nekounam, Teymourian – Dejagah, Shojaei, Hadadifar – Ansarifard

Trinidad and Tobago vs Iran match prediction

The Iranians have achieved up to now no particularly good results but because this is the dress rehearsal, they will play something offensive and victory. Trinidad and Tobago has worn out in the game against Argentina and will be here not highly motivated. Thus, we expect a victory of the Iranians.

note:lineups for both team is just a prediction only.

South Korea vs Ghana Prediction International Friendly Match

These two World Championship participant will play one of the last international friendly matches before the start of the World Cup 2014. The South Koreans are traditionally very secretive prior to a major tournament, and so they have completed only a test game. However, Ghana also has delivered only a friendly match. Both teams have lost in these games, with the identical result (respectively, 0:1). So far they met three times friendly and Ghana triumphed here two times, while the last match between two team decided South Korea 2011 2:1. This game will take place in Miami. South Korea vs Ghana schedule to kickoff at 10.06.2014 01:00 CET.

International Friendly Match

International Friendly Match

South Korea

The South Koreans to travel to Brazil as a potential surprise, at least in the group stage. From excellent to very poor in a few days it is expected what marks this team very often and is something like that again. They hide from the public and the events within the team we know little except for the fact that they had so far no problems with injuries.

Beginning of March they played away a friendly match against Greece and doing a 2:0-victory celebrated, but late may they were defeated in Seoul by Tunisia 1-0 and came back the doubts about the possibilities of the team of that chose to coach Bo Hong. But definitely, he has invited the top players and it’s just the matter of time when he will have a well-rehearsed team on the field. Probably it will depend much of their inspiration to the top players and son (Bayer), Ki (Sunderland) and Koo (Mainz).

South Korea lineups: young – Gwon Kim, Hong, and Kwak Yoon – Ki, Han – Lee, Koo, son – Park


Ghana also has completed only a test match, but they have chosen a much heavier opponents, the Netherlands. This is not surprising, because they have very strong opponents in the group as Germany and Portugal. Against the Netherlands, they have done a solid resistance even though they have already conceded the only goal in the fifth minute. Coach Appiah has but have not played with his most powerful crew in the game, at least not from the very first moment, there in the second half six players get the chance.

Some of the possible starter at the World Cup have not played and so is very clear that they wanted to put all cards on the table. Perhaps the fact that this was their third defeat in a row, could pose a problem, which is why they want to certainly avoid such a result in this game. Therefore, we expect a much stronger crew on the square, where they have remained due to injury without the important defensive player Akaminko, not traveling to Brazil.

Ghana lineups: Kwersey – Opare, Mensah, Boye, Sahib – Essien, Badu – Boateng, Muntari, K.Asamoah – A.Ayew

South Korea vs Ghana Prediction

The previous test games played both team very carefully and tactically and now we expect something quite different and the best games of the two teams open and rich gate, as was the case in all direct duels of this national team.

Do You Really Believe Jürgen Klinsmann with US Soccer Team will beat German?

US Soccer National team with coach Jürgen Klinsmann unfortunately pool in Group G with German in 2014 World Cup in Brazil. German is the original nationally of the US US Soccer National team head coach. I am not trying to say this is a Group of Death in 2014 World Cup. Every group must be “Group of Death”. No one team give a chance to others. No team is not best when they arrive in Brazil.

On papers seems US soccer national team is third or even a fourth team in this group G of Group of 2014 World Cup. But you must remember the Host is Brazil. They have heavy extreme hot for the Europe team. This 2014 World Cup tournament is not just about skill how to play soccer. But the more important thing is stamina. That is I agree if US National team in this Group G of 2014 World Cup is not underdog or even have less chance for knock out stage when we see on paper.

But, US Soccer national team will face Germany national team. I think this is must be different. Professional?

I think US Team have chance, more than a chance to beat German here. But if this is happen, you will never see Jürgen Klinsmann celebrating, because Jürgen Klinsmann will crying in his bed room. sure me not. But this is true, Will US team will prepare to a win strategy against the Germany? What you think guys…

Jürgen Klinsmann

Group G:
Germany – Third in 2010 and aims to build on positive vibe created by its dominant club teams.
Ghana – Knocked out the U.S. in 2010 before being heartbreakingly denied a semifinal spot.
United States – Regarded as the strongest team in its pot after topping CONCACAF group.
Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo single-handedly won a tense playoff but has yet to shine at World Cup.

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