Privacy and Term of Use

About Privacy

This wordpress blog is just a community blog, so I am not the real owner of this blog, but I must explain that when you fill the contact form or in this blog, I ask your personal data. I promise to respect your privacy and I do not use for third party purpose.

However for early prevention, Please do not contact us if you do not want we know your email or your name please. About this community blog, just see about wordpress privacy here automattic (dot) com/privacy/.

Everything is out of my control, your comment in this blog and third party link, despite small part is mine, but I try to make sure that third party link I provide in this blog is safe for you. If you think one or more link that should not place in this blog please write us down.


When you browse this blog content, I never responsible for any damage occur for you or your family or whatever. I just try to share my opinion and never insult or persuade you to do harm things for you or other person.

This blog is just for fun only.

I you are not agree about my term, please leave this blog



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